Cape Town based independent venture Ghost Elephant just released a new, ridiculously addictive app onto the Apple Store called Skate Now. Literally meaning you can skate now – anywhere, and on anything. Using the app’s range of delightfully quirky characters (each with its own unique style and trademark moves), your phone camera, and the supplemented dashed guideline on your phone camera, all you need is a horizontal surface that allows you to position the character of your choosing on the said line, and skate away. Coolest bit is, once you have mastered the technique of steadily aligning the dashed line with a horizontal surface and have gotten to know your favourite characters, you can record, save and share your trick-filled and creatively crafted skating session straight onto social media. 


Skating on your desk at work, out of your window, on public transport or wherever you will (and wheel) as you pull out the various tricks from the metaphorical sleeve of each character by swiping up, down, left or right – or make them grind by pressing and holding down on either side of the screen when landing a trick – the possibilities for generating fun and imaginative content are boundless.  


Cooler still is the corking variety of pop-culture and otherwise inspired characters to choose from afforded by the first release - ranging from the more moderate bearded bloke (fortuitously named ‘Beard Guy’) and funky purpled-haired ‘Kate’, to the jocularly eccentric zombie ‘Rob’ who helicopters by swinging his intestines; ‘Candy’, the rainbow-pooping pig-unicorn; Trump-inspired ‘Mr. President’ who catches a bit of air time with the devoted help of his American Bald Eagle, and ‘Thirsty Pete’ – a homeless fella that projectile vomits a shopping trolley into the air (charming, we know). 


Coming together under the banner of Ghost Elephant, Skate Now was birthed by Nic Smal of comedy duo Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues, who is a long-time online content creator and seasoned director and animator in the film and advertising industry, along with freelance developer and friend Jacques van der Merwe. The app is available on iOS, with an Android version coming soon